Corteva Agriscience (2019-Present)

Corteva Agriscience (2019-Present)

Project Overview

I have been working for Corteva as an experience designer. I am working on a small product team that is enhancing the current experience for customers and also building out a better platform for our clients. As the only designer, I have taken on the responsibility to use research and analytics to drive my decisions. I am using this opportunity to educate my team and client on how making our design system more lean, accessible, and thoughtful can change the way we think about our customers.

My Contributions

I organized and collaborated on design, across three brands, to create a cohesive UI kit. Everything designed was turned into components for Adobe AEM. I adopted a lot of the design files and unified them. My goal was to start shifting the design approach into a system so that our clients would be ahead when they wanted to expand their web design into other platforms. I worked with our product team to set and prioritize goals for the Global Web Platform team.

Our Outcomes

Scaled AEM platform to over 80 country sites

Drove design decisions using data and analytics

Enabled rewards system for customers that buy products

Redesigned navigation experience across three brands for unified experience

Design System

When I started working for Corteva, I adopted a complex web UI kit in Sketch. Typestyles were not clearly defined, there wasn't a strong use of symbols to organize the file and overall was not optimized for a new designer to adopt. My goal was to reconfigure the file so that it could function across all three brands that our client had oversight of Corteva, Brevant, and Pioneer. All three shared a similar code base and so there was a good amount of work to sync between the design files. Now the files match what exists in the existing AEM instance.


A look into the working UI kit that matches up with the AEM platform codebase. This is an example of some of the components we have to create new experiences.

Design with Data

While our team at Publicis Sapient have been strategic partners with the Corteva Global Web Council, I have been the lead designer for the entire platform. The GWC is made up of regional leaders from over 20 countries. As they expand the use of this AEM platform our team, oversees the use of the components and the design of new components that address business needs. We do our best to create components that are matched with business goals that drive a better customer experience. As the designer, I hear the input of the needs of each country's customer feedback to help inform design decisions. Using Adobe Analytics, I try and use qualitative and quantitative data to help design new experiences.


Product Management

Throughout this project, on both Corteva and Pioneer, I have worked closely with our product managers. I have been directly involved at the intersection of design, development, and product. Our team, utilizing SAFe 5.0 methodologies, have helped Corteva's Digital Team develop a product roadmap for their AEM Platform. We worked with the client stakeholders and development teams to plan out what they want to deliver over 2020. We prioritized based on customer value, readiness, and feasibility. Our team helped develop OKRs for each epic. We have been trying to treat the web platform as a product, learning and growing as we continue to develop new features.


When doing yearly planning, we created this roadmap that tracks the dev teams work, but also other tracks that are part of the GWC. We connected the epics with their dependencies to help prioritize our work.

A few highlighted features...

One thing that has been more difficult to implement is having clear ways to measure the UX. Our client focuses on content and marketing work. We assist when we can by providing best practices, but ultimately it is up to them. Between Adobe Analytics, Hotjar, and customer insights, I have been finding ways to understand the behavior of customers on product pages and begin to rethink how we design them. Our team has been working through how to integrate their product information management platform into components, so we are working from the same data source as their other experiences. As always, there are sensitive things I cannot show here. I would love to talk more about the impact of this platform that we have been building with Corteva more.

Navigation Redesign

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