Travis Boatright

Travis Boatright

Welcome, feel free to explore what I am currently doing! I use this space to showcase a little of my design work, but also show other projects I am working on.

About me

I am a designer that is interested in making an impact on how people experience the world. I believe that design can help bridge communities together. I am currently working as an experience designer to build out ideas in the agriculture industry.

I self identify as a maker and learner. I always look at my present as potential! Below you will find examples of projects from work and side projects in my free time. If you have any questions, feel free to reach out to me.


Design work


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Makerpad: T30-Challenge
Travis Boatright
FreeCodeCamp Responsive Web Design Certificate
RFID Reader for Device Library

Thoughts about design

Relational Design
  1. Design should be personal. At the root, graphic design was about the relationship of elements to create a message. Design has evolved, but I do not think it should lose the inherent relational aspect. One thing I love is collaborating with people who think differently than me. Products or projects come about from a desire to transform something. Our current approach to digital design is to make an efficient, repeatable process. The human is missing. The team building these products should represent the people using the solution. In my experience, this rarely exists, but I look forward to helping build design communities around this.
  2. Design should be intentional. Critique is missing in the design process. It is very easy to justify decision making on assumptions or, "I saw this here, so it must be okay." Design is a powerful way of communicating. Because the language of design has become accessible, we easily pass things off without thinking about the intent. Without thinking about the intent, we are eliminating people from the conversation. So quickly we neglect accessibility and intentionally forget about groups of people. I have done this many times and work to be more mindful of who is experiencing my design.
Problem Solving

At the core, this is what I enjoy the best about design. When I speak about design, I believe it to be a process to solve problems and communicate a solution. The purpose of design is to help connect people. To make something people connect with a brand, product, or experience, is a magically powerful tool. Understanding the diversity of a community we are designing for is the starting point for creating serendipitous moments within an experience.


I believe a central part of design is teaching and advocating for design. Design can be like an amorphous solid. There are natural and human-made attributes that allow us to see something in a different way. Sometimes it is a clear, glass window and sometimes it's a prism that reflects light in a new way. As I dive deeper into my design career, I am understanding that there will never be an absolute truth within design. This allows for questioning, critique, openness, and for people to bring their own flavor to our world. All people should have a chance to use design to help serve them.

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